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How to stay on the Nice List

From Santa’s desk:

1. Mind your Parents
2. Keep your room Clean
3. Always pick up your toys when done playing
4. Play Nice with others
5. Share
6. Be respectful of others and their things
7. Brush your teeth
8. Eat healthy (for every sweet at least two veggies)
9. Clean your Plate
10. Say something nice each day to someone
11. Say “Thank You” and “Please”
12. If you are in school do your homework before play
13. Offer to do extra chores around the house
14. Help those in need when you can
15. Finally remember and Honor the real Reason for the Season


Contact Santa for your Kansas City area visit:
Phone: (816) 560-4015

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Kevin Boydston appears as Santa Claus
in the Kansas City, Area
the Platte City, Missouri Area
the St. Joseph, Missouri Area
and Areas in between.
Phone: (816) 560-4015

Santa Kansas City
Making Santa Claus Visits In Kansas City, MO.
Making Santa Claus Visits In Platte City, MO.
Making Santa Claus Visits In St. Joseph, MO.
Phone: (816) 560-4015

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